Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Poetry - February 22


Long ago love had been lost,

Won over so easily

By the ever changing winds of fortune

Swept away by spending more than any cost


Rocky shores prevented ships from docking

To bring cherished cargo,

New resources to those starving in safe

White buildings with blinking crosses


Navigating sovereign thickets,

Never’d, till it didn’t matter anymore

Truth blocked and sealed the doors and windows


Spellbound hiding in warping blindness

Blood dripped from dead dogs eyes,

Follow me, I’ll lead you heavenward

What ever your dreams conceive in clean

White buildings with blinking crosses


Sterile laws beckon

To those seeking cleansing here,

Baptized in shame and guilt pervading

Loosen the dam and let freedom flow

Streaming from a death neglected,

Buried under hearts of stone


Soliciting alms while

Prostitutes, vagrants, strangers assailing,

A losing trick to keep from finding escape

Suffocating inside the walls of fated

White buildings with blinking crosses


Grace untold, the secret kept

To those forgetting where it

Blossoms from created

Earthen hollowed trees and

Spacious fields of vine and branch


Pierced illusions never fading,

Oh deathly sacramental longings betrayed

On the register of time exploding

White buildings with blinking crosses