Monday, January 21, 2013

Reflection for the Week - January 21

God, I’m giving you a chance to show up and be accounted for. I have not been the most careful in dealing with my financial responsibilities, so I would like you to provide a way for me to pay my bills. There is also the small matter of a new job, and not just any job, but direct me to the right job for me. Furthermore, my accommodation is no longer satisfactory, and I would like you to lead me into finding a place that’s more suitable for me. If you don’t take care of my needs now and give me something to go on, then you must not love me or be personally involved in my life.


carter said...

I have been reading and rereading Psalm 13 over the last week. Are you in that state as well, or are you poking the ant hill?

jeannie said...

Oh Lord God Almighty, Have mercy on me a sinner and your child,

Where I have thought only of my needs and walked past the woman living on the street, ignored the cries of those children who are scared and confused as they are taken out of a home in turmoil or maybe right next door or ignored in my own home, forgive me. When I have been more concerned about being the most perfect me and failed to visit the widow alone in her home, the young man in prison looking for someone to show him what it means to be transformed, the stranger looking for someone to say my home is your home, when I have failed to offer kindness in any way, God forgive me.

I ask that you create a burning fire in me to not use your forgiveness to ease my conscious but to give me the guts to walk in your shoes and be your hands and feet on this earth. God have mercy on me and may I humbly follow in your footsteps to serve those crying out for justice, peace and love AMEN

Greg said...

Thanks. Letting off some ironic steam.

Greg said...

Thanks. These are very special words and thoughts. God is surely a faithful forgiver who opens the path for us to follow in the footsteps of the Crucified and Risen One.

Greg said...

That's some powerful Psalm. Finding the way through disorientation to reorientation is a task and a joy and thankfully God is faithful to his promises, which eventually will bring rejoicing.