Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spiritual Rhythms of Life - December 5

Being transparent or staying hidden before others are frequently mistaken for ideals. When one should hide and when be transparent is a mantra that reverberates around inside and incites a fear of doing the wrong thing, and if one does, having a sense of shame for doing so. Goes like this. Oh no, I should have been transparent. That would have been the right choice. Oh no, I should have hidden. That would have been the right choice. If one is transparent – shame – shouldn’t have been. If one hides – shame – shouldn’t have been. Not only are these false options, but this way of relating to oneself and others effectively shuts God out. Result: a vicious cycle of condemnation. There’s no place for overthrowing deception with redemption in this scenario. Failing to meet the false ideals and experiencing the heavy blows this inflicts is taking the primary position and therefore it supersedes anything that might put into question one’s relational fear of losing control. And control just has to be maintained or one might quite frankly be lost and not know who one was anymore. This means Fear! is the plot and one is the only character in one’s own story. Letting go of one character stories grounded in the plot of fear is essential, and taking on a new multi-character story found in the subversive recounting of biblical narrative will open up possibilities for an encounter with the Divine and sustainable change.