Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today - November 21

Who am I? What is real? We are and are meant to be interactive agents in time. We interact with ourselves, God, others, and the world. Our brains, for example, are material multi-taskers that fit us for life on the planet. We are geared and finely tuned in such a complex way that we can’t be conscious of it all. What we do, and are plenty conscious of however, is both deceive and tell truth to and about ourselves – to ourselves, to others, and even to God. To be truth telling does much good and does not appear to be problematic, but to be deceptive carries consequences that we are unable to deal with entirely on our own. Countering self, other, and God deception alone is a monumental task, something like a vicious story with the same plot told again and again. We need to find and embrace a better narrative, notably the portrayed in time biblical recounting of redemption, which will begin to free us from the labyrinth of deception and bring us into growing spheres of truth telling.