Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today - November 7

To not have faith in God is to have faith in someone or something else. There is no neutral place available for us to be without faith. If this is the case, which appears likely, then if we don’t have faith in God, the question becomes who or what we do have faith in, and does this who or what merit our trust. It is essential not to stack the deck in favor of one world view or the other and to be willing to entertain the same kinds of questions and implications for whatever our faith position may be. Faith, it appears to me, is a feature of being human and a choice - something like a relational justified true belief. Whatever and whoever this belief is in would require a holistic (not reductionist or compartmentalized) interactive connectivity, which is capable of coherently flowing through and making sense of a web of important matters, including self, other, world, and God.