Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today - October 17

The incisive depiction of self-deception found in the biblical text is striking. We are never the selves we simply assume ourselves to be. Consequently, self-designation for good or ill is severely limited, leaving us adrift in a sea of useless options. There can be no doubt about it – we are in need of more - being and becoming new selves. Receiving the gift of a new self anchored in a call from beyond generated by the love of the Infinite One, deconstructs the death force of manipulative power strategies of exploitation and sets one on the pathway to life with all its detours and complexities. Vistas of past, present, and future now opened up along the journey are breathtaking, as time and story coalesce and separate in the glistening horizon of the Divine promise of redemption.