Monday, August 27, 2012

Reflection for the Week - August 27

Breaking through the complex web of lies and distortions is a monumental task that may take someone years to accomplish. Surely, after many failed attempts to save one’s self, it becomes all too painfully clear that we mess up our own and the lives of others in the charade. But it may take time, so much time, to begin to admit and accept this truth. Somehow the false is a power structure that cycles and recycles through us again and again, leaving us debilitatingly safe, yet deceived. Self-deception is one of the major defeater’s that covers and closes us into a shroud of secrecy. Uncovering and openness, however, become the way ahead for a new depiction of being and doing, which are ultimately rooted in the reality that what we so desperately need is a redemption that comes to us as an invitation from the Sacred One.