Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today - July 11

Recent relational theological trends tend to identify all too closely divine and human emotions. Be it love or jealousy, the notion is that if we’re this or that way, then God must be. My term for this new direction in theology today is relationalism. There is a deep and somewhat understandable desire to have a God like us, yet this longing may create a god of our own making. It seems to me that we frequently make it up as we go along and in so doing shape God into our own image. The biblical God, however, is the Creator and Redeemer who is faithful. God, therefore, is utterly unique and does what God does for the realization of his purposes of covenant fulfillment. This God is neither weak, nor vulnerable, but an agent of power, who through a commanding passion will bring about his own love and justice for his people and the whole world.