Monday, July 16, 2012

Reflection for the Week - July 16

We are invited to be wary of self-deception, fiction making, power plays, exploitation, and control tendencies that inevitably result in us making it up as we go along, and which will only lead us into the landscape of hopelessness and despair. A God focused holistic hope, by contrast, pertains to self, other, world and the destinies attached to each. Self = a new self being transformed into the image of Christ – the other = a person loved by God and one who has weight concerning who one’s own self is; oneself as another – the world = a redeemed and renewed planet breaking away from all that is not good. Such a trinity of destinies is breathtaking in its features and scope, in that it is sacrificially offered by the Divine One, who encourages us to be released from competing networks of manipulative interests, since this spewed out grace, which infuses us with new identities, illustrates a redemptive trajectory that inaugurates a dwelling place in his space.