Monday, June 4, 2012

Reflection for the Week - June 4

The desperate search for who I am often appears to lead to a dead end. Faced with no future, the failure of the past, and the suspicion of the present, selfhood is a question without an answer. When the self-centered ultimate authority self or the self-decentered entrapped reduced self collapse, drifting begins to emerge as our only option. The supposed inaccessibility to knowledge and truth, portrayed today as merely subjective forays in the dark, plays into this and tends to leave us without a place to be. Selfhood is stranded, seeking someone or something to be with and belong to. But God’s love generates the possibility of welcome and embrace, inviting us into community; a space to be in and with, which is deeply connected to the power to forgo the self-centered and decentered selves and to be caught up in being recentered, through redemption and the gift of a new self.