Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today - April 11

I talked recently to someone struggling with very low self esteem. Question: Who are you? It turns out that she was measuring her worth by all kinds of false standards. She vainly tried to measure up, but continually failed. This caused unusually high levels of stress, anxiety, and eventually depression. Then, I asked her what connection her view of herself had with belief God and she confessed that she hadn’t thought about this. The importance of a God connection and its ability to shed light on her life had been masked by self deception, which is enticingly subtle, yet radically perverse. Being a believer in God and his offer of redemption in Christ are crucial for the whole of life generally, and in particular, when it comes to self identity. Don’t forget to connect with God to start to answer the question: Who are you? if you hope to find true standards of love, acceptance, and self worth.