Monday, April 2, 2012

Reflection for the Week

The wisdom of God consists of God’s plans for the world, including the past (creation), the present (everyday life), and the future (new heaven and earth). The details of the present find their meaning in the whole, which unfolds as past and is projected as future. It’s not as if this wisdom for us can be put in a plastic container and stored away for safe keeping. Wisdom is too big and too explosive for that. First and foremost it is as treasure given to fragile human beings who are to pass it on in various ways. Thus, the wisdom of God can never remain a matter of simple reception or possession. It must be acted on and flow into all areas of life. No doubt this action will be, at times, challenging, difficult, and costly, as it was in the stories of our predecessors Job and Qohelet, but following wisdom will lead us onto the path of life and help keep our footsteps moving in the right direction.