Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today

We are capital ‘I’ in many facets of our lives. This persuasive, though misleading power, attempts to set itself up, for example in knowledge and relationships, as ultimate authority. Making self-centeredness primary is the deep structure of capital ‘I’ and this is exactly where its seemingly harmless deception lies. Self-centered selves need to be confronted by another power – the Spirit of Christ. When this happens there will be a clash and hopefully all hell will break loose. This altercation will be uncomfortable and raise many questions, since one has most likely lived in the paradigm of capital ‘I’ for years. Gradual release from the bonds of selfishness towards otherness will be difficult and sometimes frustrating, until transformation sets in and a paradigm shift begins to take place. Time is an important element here and patience is required. Notions of who we “be” and what we “do” are at stake. Fresh resources will start to be at hand when the new paradigm grows and the surging power of the spiritual life, identified by following the Crucified and Risen One, becomes primary and the power of capital ‘I’ diminishes.