Monday, February 6, 2012

Reflection for the Week

Displaced and dislocated. Wandering. Home has drifted away, as quickly as the raging wind sweeping over the glacial, barren, white landscape. Shelter has vanished. Still hoping all is well, - but no, no it’s not. Pain seeps uncontrollably through flesh and bones, leaving a fractured heart. This sense of loss runs deep within and shakes the confines of self. Being home-loss is not supposed to happen – broken home is a betrayal and a love-less pseudo reality that devastates the very guts of who we are. Crying for home, tears of sorrow flood the eyes. How we long for a homecoming, not so much as merely a space, though that’s important, but as a community of trust, acceptance, grace, and love, which is offered first and foremost by the audacious trio of the Infinite. When this reality becomes our address, liberated and transformed memories now surpass the treacherous debris of disruption and defeat, as being at home will begin to heal our wounds, to reset our hearts, and to grant us a place to dwell.