Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today

The failure to recognize that there are usually two dangers and not merely one, may lead to serious misunderstandings of God’s truth. We can worry about the danger of traditional interpretations of Scripture not being adhered to, but we also need to be cautious about rejecting new interpretations that may be called for through discoveries in the natural world. While the impact of these breakthroughs may not yet be precisely worked out concerning our interpretations of the biblical text, this is no reason to argue that the scientific data that is causing questions to arise is completely faulty. On the one hand, holding on to traditional interpretations may betray God’s truth, while on the other, they may have credibility. This is equally true for new interpretations. On the one hand, they may betray God’s truth, on the other, they may affirm it. All truth is God’s truth. Both Scripture and nature are informers about God, ourselves, and the world. Giving too much weight to one informer over the other risks ignoring what is true and therefore depleting living spirituality.