Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today

Europe has set the markets off with a ticking time bomb. Debt has come of age. On the day of the meeting of the G20, the Greek PM, who has had the audacious idea to take the European plan to save Greece from default to the people for a democratic vote, will have to show up at this meeting and explain his decision to the major economic forces of the world. Many leaders think that he must need brain surgery. They claim the austerity plan must be applied irrespective of the Greek people and whether or not they agree. The new face of Europe, as a result of enormous debt, will be that of an integrated enforcer of post-democracy political and economic interests that far outstrip rights and freedoms, which European union was supposed to bring about. This gradual, but marked shift is disconcerting and evolving into a crisis that is visible to all. It is with deep regret that one perceive’s that everywhere in Europe the Christian faith is feeble or already faded into a history and culture that no longer exists. Marginalized and weakened, often due to its own demise, the faith must regain a voice in the public square if it is again to mark the times as a compassionate, loving, just, true, and hospitable alternative to the folly of consumerism and the legitimizing of oppression.