Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today

When communism collapsed and the Berlin wall fell, there were widespread hopes for a brave new day of freedom and democracy. Cohesion, negotiation, and peace were thought to be the marks of progress, though Europe and the West in general are now losing relevance and credibility. Integration in Europe, for example, has turned into a remarkable question mark that is producing unified centralization and increasing rules and legislation configured by the few to control the many. This no doubt is connected to the looming shadows of the past and its oppressive strategies. But with debt spinning out of control, the system is obliged to reign in freedom and impose its authority. Unfortunately, a Christian voice into our social, economic, and moral problems is absent or so uninformed that it is written off as quickly as the latest joke. If ever there was a time to get our own house in order, it is now. Speaking the truth in love to each other can be a good beginning, but this then has to be lived out and built upon if we are to recapture integrity, renew a realistic hope, and have something valid and viable to say to a world that offers diminishing returns.