Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today

Confidence in our global systems and economies is quickly and rightly eroding. Injustice and deception plague our times, as options of trust and credibility disappear like the stars at daybreak. Faced with the ultimate breakdown of the idols of money, status, and possessions, it is an opportune time for Christians to live with a greater integrity. As we let go of the insignificant demands of personal peace and affluence, the cultures in which we live will no longer look at us and see themselves in a mirror. And this will have a shattering impact for the sake of Christ, who boldly stands against the epidemic that infects us. His capacity to heal what contaminates us - to being brought aright, should lead us to take part in forging communities of love and mercy that reflect God, and which will therefore leave an undeniable trace in the midst of the chaos of the historical flow of the early twenty-first century.