Monday, July 18, 2011

Reflection for the Week

Emerging out of the darkness into the light can be a daunting adventure. Grace and compassion, for example, seem more contrived than anger and malice, while self-constitution reigns over being given a self. We’re plagued by the unreal that appears real and much of the time our awareness level is so low, we can’t fathom anything but the same and obscurity prevails. Yet God has created luminosity, as well as revealing it through the Christ, so that we might have a vision of majesty. Enlightened imaginations heighten the acuity of perception, which begins to enable us to venture out through the illumination to embrace a radiance that glistens with all that’s transformative for good.


Rhett & Valerie said...

Hey Greg,

What does self-constitution look like compared to living as a given self?


Greg said...

Thanks. When I think of self-constitution, I have in mind the notion that a self is able to be its own authority, determiner of knowledge, and the maker of its own destiny. Something like a capital 'I'. Whereas a given self is the recognition and acknowledgement that a self is received via someone and something outside of oneself and that this therefore has an impact on and a say so in, who that self is.

Rhett & Valerie said...

I supposed it was something along these lines. Thanks!