Thursday, June 2, 2011

The ZigZag Café

We will be convening here at the ZigZag café, Suisse, on Thursdays for conversation and dialogue. I invite you to stop by every Thursday for the question of the day. Your thoughts and participation are most welcome. Pull up a stool, avec un café, un thé, ou un chocolat chaud, et un croissant, and join in here on Thursday at the ZZ café.

For today:

Do you think there is any place for self-hatred in the Christian life?


reneamac said...

Interesting question. I suppose it depends on which self. I think it probably is appropriate to hate the "old self" with its "body of sin and death." But perhaps one can only do this properly with a proper love of self: the "original shimmering self" as Frederick Buechner puts it, the imago dei and on top of that, the renewed self, renewed in Christ.

Greg said...

Thanks. Yes, if love incorporates a dimension of justice, which I think it must, then a proper love of self would be able to critique and affirm, without hate being necessary.