Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today

The failure to recognize that there are usually two dangers and not merely one, will lead to serious misunderstandings of Christian truth. Think for a moment about the danger of giving up the claim of the biblical informer that God is creator. While this is a central truth to hold on to, if we do not consider that there is another danger, namely, not paying significant attention to the force of the natural world informer, then we will undoubtedly fall into misrepresenting God in our interpretations. Reflect on another example; the insistence of a traditional interpretation. Holding to tradition and whether or not someone does, becomes the sole mark of fidelity. Yet, should we not consider the potential liability of tradition, we engage in something equally problematic. In fairness, we want to level the playing field as much as possible in that this is the first step towards better interpretation. When we only worry about one danger, we may unwittingly fall into another. Keep alert to the two dangers perspective.