Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today

Christians need to be doing more on the social and political fronts. Our over indulgence with the internal needs of the church is woefully insufficient for what it means to be salt and light. We can do better. There could be several ways to enhance our contribution to the life of the other. Be creative and aim to act on God’s love and truth. These might helpful suggestions that could make a difference. 1) Start networks of matching needs and resources. There are plenty of resources, but they are not getting to where they can do more good. 2) Work in a local community. If we set our goals too high, we may miss those who are before us and what should be done on their behalf. Knowing what the problems are in a local context might contribute to bringing redemption to the structural and personal elements that are inadequate. 3) Set up hotlines for people who could do with help on a number of different levels and seek out volunteers to provide what they can. True, we are not going to be competent in all the areas of need, but remember love and grace can always be a welcome addition to many who are struggling with a diversity of problems. Bringing a human face and following in the footsteps of Christ will contribute to the salting and lighting of those he loves.


Greg said...

Thanks Lukas.