Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today

I believe in God and seek to follow the Crucified and Risen One because of certain things and in spite of others. The primary because of is that God is revealed in thereness and can be sufficiently known, which therefore allows me to be known, and results in true knowledge. This because of compels me to explore the dynamiotics of redemption and the power of life over death. The primary in spite of is that God appears to be distant and at times uninvolved in my life and the world. This in spite of requires that I be attuned to the rhythms of life in community with God and be patient in the midst of the unresolved. For spirituality this means that there is a tension filled complexity, where the because of and in spite of are in dialogue in the ebb and flow of life. Instead of running away from this truism, it is to be embraced, as we attempt to work out salvation, for God is at work in us.