Friday, January 14, 2011

Unmasking False Economies


Sex, Economy, Freedom and Community by Wendell Berry: Book Cover


From Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community, W. Berry

“Despite its protests to the contrary, modern Christianity has become willy-nilly the religion of the state and the economic status quo. Because it has been so exclusively dedicated to incanting anemic souls into Heaven, it has been made the tool of much earthly villany.” p114


Robynn said...

I recently had a refreshing conversation with someone who is a kindred soul with me when it comes to how we view creation and redemption and faith. In that conversation we spoke of "systems" that we find ourselves in. Seemingly, we often do not question those systems, we try to find ways to "survive" within the system, or we find language that is subversive, while our actions still indicate our acquiescence to the confines we are in.

I think that we are beginning to hear the voices of those (like Wendell Berry, David James Duncan, others) who would question the systems, like modern Christianity. Or, there is a sense that those who have ears to hear can now hear and those who have eyes to see, now see. I am not claiming to be one of those people... but I think I hear the prophetic voices calling... they are faint voices often drowned out by the urgent media of fear and guilt. The sobering aspect of thinking of these voices as "prophetic" is that their message is ancient... and we still need to hear it because the status quo is always what Truth is laboring against...

Greg said...

Thanks. Beautifully put. So glad to hear about the conversation and the recognition of the voices calling us out of the status quo towards Truth. Questioning systems and their false intention to dominate, brings trust and suspicion into a new dimension - creation, redemption, and transformation.