Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today

The irony of sin. We are sinners all, but Christians sometimes major on this so strongly that they fall into the sin of pride in the act of confession. Notions of superiority and righteousness can pervade the recognition that we all sin. That’s it, that’s who we are – full stop - sinners. There is, however, a radical difference between being sinners and being Christians who are redeemed and therefore no longer slaves to sin. For this to take place we have to turn to Christ and accept the offer of salvation that has been brought about through his birth, ministry, death, and resurrection. Once done, we are then freed from the slavery of sin and enslaved to righteousness. This is indeed an ongoing process, but it is nevertheless a reality that all too often is overlooked. Having put on Christ means we have an entirely new orientation that is to be lived redemptively with and for others. While we won’t be perfect, we are called to live in the light of our destiny, which is in the present and the future to image the crucified and risen One.