Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today

At Destinee Media we focus on the content of our books, but also try to ask questions concerning the book as a media. One of our aims is to challenge our own perception of how a book works. Design plays a significant role: “Can a less obvious typeface help the reader to better engage with the material?” or, “Can a book cover work as a visual interpretation of Biblical themes in contemporary culture?”

Liv-Refl_cov Liv-Refl_Jacket

I’d like to invite you to take an excursion into the theological, philosophical, and hermeneutical tension, woven into Scripture and the Christian life. After reflection, please share you're thoughts on the book design for: Living Reflections. Does it suggest a clash of perspectives, or something of the reality of being in community with God, each other, and the world, or Darkness, Conflict, Strength, Peace? What themes do you discover?

Let me know what you think:


Rhett & Valerie said...


The cover has an element of surprise-three unlikely characters (philosophy, theology, hermeneutics?) in companionship with one another, set against the backdrop of the modern world.


Greg said...

Thanks for your thoughts. Element of surprise. I like that!

Hope your courses go well.

Joshua said...

Clash? That's a strong word for the design. The sort of mythic figures are too soft, maybe contrast with the industrial. The lion (Jesus?) looking into the abyss (or title?) seems purposeful. So tradition in modern is a theme, with an industrialized, construction representation that's typically harsh, although in that particular design it isn't. Plus the figures look like their designed in their traditional styles, with them in much more vibrant, lively colors than the background. There's a weird inversion of lighting spatially that's off and also looks intentional (to my non-artistic, I-don't-know-what-I'm-talking-about eyes). The quadrant on the rear doesn't look like it belongs except to fill up white space. I'm completely unfamiliar with the wooless-lamblike thing w/ a tail. What is that? Only the lion looks like it "might" be sort ready for conflict. The woman looks peaceful and the other thing playful. Honestly I think I'd expect it more on some hip-emerging type book.

Maybe something of a community, if anything the three characters look almost fairy-tale like ready to tell a story about an adventure. They look like a band ready to travel, and not upstairs.

Greg said...

Thanks. I appreciate your feedback.

I thought of the clash between the classic art (woman, lion, lamb) and the urban landscape being somewhat representative of a life in tension.

There is an intentional openness to interpretation in the design.