Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today

Time for Change

The Western world is facing a crisis of trust. Corruption in governments, institutions, banks, and corporations, have made us wary, and rightly so. Countries, whole countries are bankrupt and currencies gradually, on an international scale, becoming increasingly worthless. The credibility of belief in what appeared stable and safe is shattered. Hope for the present and future seems to be on the margins, and slowly, but surely is fading away. As the edifice of idolatry collapses, there’s no better time in recent history for the gospel to have an impact than now. Ironically, the church is ill-fitted at this defining moment to contribute to a necessary change. Conversely, God is definitely able to actively communicate through Christians, Word, and Spirit the viability and truth of new ways of doing culture, economics, government, and debt, that redemptively far outstrips our present lamentable state of being and living.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your views.