Monday, September 6, 2010

Reflection for the Week

There are many forms of being self-centered, but I want to highlight two. We are probably all familiar with the first. A person who says, “I am proud, arrogant, and selfish,” we usually understand as self-centered and therefore unspiritual. The second, however, may be less evident. A person who says “I am nothing, a zero, and empty,” we should also understand as self-centered and unspiritual. Why? Capital ‘I’ is at the center of not only the first, but equally the second! Humans are not capital “I’s” but creatures – images of God. We have a creational mandate from God to achieve and accomplish things, but not to think too highly of ourselves in doing so. This holds true for Christians. God wants us to be productive toward the other and in the world. When we are, we should notice that we are loving God, hence this will enhance spirituality. The arrogant and the nothings need to re-center the flow. Living a fine tension between confidence and humility in loving God is one of our spiritual callings that has unfortunately gone too far astray.


Living Spiritual Rhythms For Today