Monday, August 9, 2010

Reflection for the Week

Being and knowledge given. What a sensible perspective. The given precedes being and knowledge, as the One who gives stands apart from and is prior to all else. This theological consideration has strong implications for philosophy and the whole of life. That is, ontology and epistemology cannot go it alone, as both are preceded by a life of giveness, which has to begin to be recognized for what it is.


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Sisyphos said...


How can the given precede being and knowledge if the given is being and knowledge?
If being and knowledge are given then the path through epistemology and ontology will lead to giver (if he wants to be found). But I guess the giver (at least the Christian conception) might have built in some economy of exchange so not any path will lead to him.
What are the conditions of this economy of exchange, though? And how do they relate to thrownness?

Greg said...

Well, another way of putting this would be: how can the given not precede being and knowledge? That is, being and knowledge are insufficient start points because they are obliged to presuppose someone or something that is before them. True, being and knowledge are not irrelevant and that's why, as you point out, not every path will lead to a giver.

The two economies of gift and exchange are in operation. One of the sterling conditions for ee would be justice. Throwness can take place within giveness, but it can only relative beginning and not an end.