Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today

Living in a post-trust culture means that cynicism and apathy reign. So many people are infected with an overdose of suspicion, which amounts to being caught up in the cycle of the same. Suspicion produces suspicion, which produces more suspicion. While it is true that it is sometimes appropriate to be suspicious, it is even more important to realize that trust is always primary. That is, God has created humans in such a way that they can’t escape trust. Problem is that we trust and are suspicious of the wrong things and this is where we need direction. A dialogue of trust and suspicion will be instructive, yet it is insufficient to produce sustainable insight as to which is which. Therefore, if we want to break out of the cycle of unknowing who and what to trust and where and why to be suspicious, I suggest that we turn to God as the One who can enter into the dialogue and provide a helpful illumination that will lead to discernment and a new possibility of beginning to live the dialogue in a more accurate and appropriate manner.


Living Spiritual Rhythms For Today


Ragnar Mogård Bergem said...

Greg, I want to say how grateful I am for your book. I didn't know I had brought with me such a treasure when I went back to Norway after the short stay at L'Abri.

What I really like, is that when I open your book, I feel like it's my book, with my own thoughts. The text provokes me in such a way, that on some pages there is more of my own scribbling and writing then there is print.

It has helped me temendously in thinking about life and truth.

By the way; I miss Huemoz - a lot!

Greg said...

I'm just back home after some days of holiday. Thanks for your very kind remarks about my book. So glad that it resonates with you.

Hope I'll see you again here in L'Abri.

I'll have a new book coming out in October - more academic: Living Reflections: Theology, Philosophy, and Hermeneutics.