Monday, June 21, 2010

Reflection for the Week

Christians are to see themselves in a new way. We have a distinct character, mission, and destiny as set apart for God, through the death and resurrection of Christ. Being freed from oppressive forces opens out onto the battlefield of time. In being set apart, we have become insiders who are sheltered and protected from the territory of destruction, as we await a new heavens and earth – a dwelling place where it is safe, under the blood of Christ, to flourish and live.


Living Spiritual Rhythms For Today


Joshua said...

Good thoughts. On the flip side though, is the being "led back out". As insiders, we follow God's voice, a voice as likely it seems to be found outside as inside the Church. No?

What do you mean by the metaphor of battlefield of time and territory of destruction?

Greg said...

Thanks. Ok. Excellent questions. And by the way, I agree with you about where God's voice might be heard.

Well, I think of insiders in the sense of being in community with God - but being insiders in this sense does not take us out of the struggles of living in time. While we are free in Christ, the battles we face will still need to be fought. We are, however, protected from that which might destroy us in that community with God will result in the preservation of life.