Monday, May 10, 2010

Reflection for the Week

The lack of love that is so prominent in many church contexts is shocking. Instead of loving each other and the stranger, we only tear down and fail to build up. Pray for personal transformation and renewal in the church. Forming our own tribes of hubris and exclusivity will be a faith defeater. God calls us to be responsible and gracious.


Living Spiritual Rhythms For Today


Greg said...

A valuable comment from a friend who won't mind my re-posting this here, wrote: "I think you've hit the nail on the head, Greg. But it seems difficult, in recognising the problem, to avoid cynicism and provide a real alternative over the long-term."

My response: Not sure what you think of this? A measured cynicism may be useful, as long as it is a motivator for transformation and not an end in and of itself. That real alternative over the long term you mention has to be us, who in our own small ways and through a fresh breath of the Spirit, seek to love others and thereby to contribute to building the church up, after the appropriate tearing down. I believe, that in many ways and in following those who have come before us, we are at a new defining moment for the church that is urgent. There is a generation behind us that, at least generally speaking, is not only drifting away, but fleeing the premises.

Lukas und Céline Kuhs said...

Thanks for carrying on with the last ZigZag Café!