Thursday, April 8, 2010

The ZigZag Café

We will be convening here at the ZigZag café, Suisse, on Thursdays for conversation and dialogue. I invite you to stop by every Thursday for the question of the day. Your thoughts and participation are most welcome. Pull up a stool, avec un café, un thé, ou un chocolat chaud, et un croissant, and join in here on Thursday at the ZZ café.

For today:

Do you believe that God has an individual ideal detailed plan for each of his children?


Lukas und Céline Kuhs said...

Yes. BUT, I do not believe, that this plan can be found out or even has to be found out - in advance. I'd rather rank it among God's sovereign will.

Much to learn on this issue...

I wonder how everybody lives, since trying to find out this plan - as much of my friends try to do - is most of the times frustrating.

The implications for live are most important for this question (as for many others...). Why do people believe in this "knowable" individual plan?

Greg said...

Thanks. I think you put it well - how does everybody live when searching for this plan is often frustrating? And why do we believe in such an individual plan?

Why do think so many of your friends see it this way?

Lukas und Céline Kuhs said...

I fear it is rooted in tradition?

Maybe sometimes it is easier. Circumstances/Live will decide for you. Thus (unconscious) laziness?

And in addition I believe, that we often fancy the mystical inner things...

Greg said...

Interesting. The power of tradition sometimes has the effect of making us less responsible.

I guess it does appear easier to believe God has it all planned out and we just have to find the individual map that he has for us. But in reality this becomes harder because it remains hidden.

In addition, I suppose the notion of an inner subjective feeling becomes difficult to resist.