Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spiritual Rhythms of Life for Today

The longing for validation and the fear of invalidation often creates a powerful dynamic that risks surpassing human norms. That is, these two emotions can be considered a part of being human and therefore appropriate, yet when they operate in such a way that they dominate our lives, then we have been deceived into being selfish and short circuiting our spirituality. Duped into false ways of relating to get what we want from the other does them violence and is ultimately unloving towards self and other. Oppressive and dominating power mechanisms such as these need to be confronted by a power that is greater than they, notably Christ and the agency of the Holy Spirit, which will lead to transformation and fresh ways of relating that re-connect to our spirituality.


Joshua said...

No comment except to say if you wanted to continue in on this vein I wouldn't object.

Greg said...

Thanks Joshua. Today's question on ZigZag picks this up.