Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Get in the Groove

I’d like to express my thanks to Robert Gelinas and his publisher for sending me his new book: Finding the Groove: Composing a Jazz-Shaped Faith. It was a joy just to see Robert’s book, with its well designed cover, and to handle it, with its unusual and helpful dimensions conceived for the reader. This book looks like a gem, and in addition to these important aesthetic attributes, it reads like one too. Reading Finding the Groove is like going to a jazz concert with all its originality and vision and then seeing how these grooves apply to living a finely tuned Christian life that matters to and for God, each other, and the world. Brimming with striking harmonies and exquisite orchestrations, Robert’s well written words affirm a creative tension in Scripture, while also highlighting the necessity of practicing a lively faithful improvisation on the score. This is theo-jazz at its finest. Readers are invited to find their voices and develop their ears in order to better follow the rhythms, beats, and off beats, which impact and address every area of life, of Jesus the Master jazz theologian. Robert carefully composes these notes with flair, tenacity, and passion as one well versed in jazz and its profound implications for theology. Get this book. Read it. You’ll love it. Excellent and highly recommended!


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Pleasure. I have also reviewed you book on Amazon.