Thursday, December 11, 2008

The ZigZag Café

We will be convening here at the ZigZag café, Suisse, on Thursdays for conversation and dialogue.

I invite you to stop by every Thursday for the question of the day. Your thoughts and participation are most welcome. Pull up a stool, avec un café, un thé, ou un chocolat chaud, et un croissant, and join in here on Thursday at the ZZ café.

For today:

What is your view of Christmas?


Susan Barnes said...

I suggest we cancel it! lol!

Seriously though our celebrations of Christmas seem to get way too complicated.

However I do like the opportunity to connect with family and friends.

John said...

I disagree with Susan. I think Christmas is a wonderful holiday, even with the marketing of it.

Christmas is a time to get together with family, to really take time off and focus on what is important. Everyone, even workaholics, even Walmart, closes for Christmas. It's one day, it seems, where balance is restored to America and we appreciate others.
People are also generally in a better mood around Christmas, which helps everyone out.

Plus as Christians we can celebrate our Savior's birth, what that means for us, and look with hope towards the future.

Greg said...

Thanks for your response. I'm sympathetic and think some modification is in order. Simplify, as you suggest, seems a good idea.

Greg said...

Thanks. Good point on trying to concentrate on what's important at Christmas. Things so often get in the way.

harry coe maynard said...

If we cancele Christmas we would cancell the only Hope mankind has.
Talk about a Black hole in Space and Time.

Two thoughts I have is, I wish every person in the world could be visited by an Angel, like the Shepards, maybe Santa Clause, saying behold a Savior is born.

The other thought iswhat was Satan doing on Christmas? Trying to stop it by murdering all the children in Bethlehem.

Christmas is a time to not to think about yourself.

Maybe,Happy Humanism or anything else but Christmas. Wouldn't do the world any good.


Greg said...

Thanks Harry coe.
Merry Christmas

harry coe maynard said...

After traveling three days, without hearing a word of English, I was waiting in a cafe in Aigle to catch the bus up the mountain to a place I knew little of called L'abri, I heard this beautiful song, in French. I asked around what the words meant, but no one understood me. It was ten years before I heard the English version, and was ammazed.

Merry Christmas Greg, L'Abri and Friends