Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reading the Bible with Scot McKnight (7-8)

As Scot mentioned in chapter 6 of his book The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible listening is crucial to relating to God. And that’s what we want to do when reading the Bible: relate to God. The Bible is full of examples of the importance of listening and what happens when we do and don’t. In chapter 7 Scot highlights this and elaborates on how essential this is. Listening is an art that we hopefully get better and better at, and not worse.

Chapter 8 stresses that the aim of listening to the Bible is to love God and each other. This, according to Scot, is the Bible’s main message. We are often given or taught information about the Bible, but this usually doesn’t lead to transformation or the missional path. Biblical facts are important, but doing something with them is crucial – God wants his people to be equipped for every good work. To listen missionally is to be hooked up into and with those who have come before us. This is a process of listening and learning. We have to be willing to be challenged with what Scot calls the “so what?” in order to move to the “so that” we do good works and love God and others.