Thursday, July 24, 2008

The ZigZag Café


We will be convening here at the ZigZag café, Suisse, on Thursdays for conversation and dialogue.

I invite you to stop by every Thursday for the question of the day. Your thoughts and participation are most welcome. Pull up a stool, avec un café, un thé, ou un chocolat chaud, et un croissant, and join in here on Thursday at the ZZ café.

For today:

Do you think the end of the world is close at hand?


harry coe maynard said...

Oh boy Greg,

Ammazing to hear the conspiracy theories around to make us actually compfortable on earth, the Cia blew up the Pentegon, we shouldn't be in Iraq cause it might intefer with Prophecy. I said don't worry read Psalm 2. Politics? "Thy Kingdom come" "All authority has been given Me in Heaven and on Earth" Is that political?

City of God by Augustine written as Rome was falling.

What does this mean? Not sure.

The emerging Church? Does that mean they want to be like David Brainerd or William Booth? Not sure.

It's best that this sick or old person goes on to be with the Lord, maybe, but we all have an awful long time to be dead and with the Lord (or Raptured), if you're a Christian.

Do we care more about the end Times and when, or knowing the guy that's going to pull that off.

Saw Inn of the Sixth Happiness with Ingred Bergman moved me deeply then went to and found 3 talkes by Gadys Alward, deeper still.

Called a dear Christian friend Barbara, a Black Lady who helped care for my Mom for 6 years when we were sleeping 2 hrs a night about the Movie. Two days later her husband called and said Barbara had passed away, hurt deeply. We had a cargiving statement "We treat them like they are going to live forever because they are".

So talking about the End Times and Heaven and our purpose here, well it's all there together in the Bible, not sure.

Christ Mercy,


The Walk said...

Most definitely, the world's end is right around the corner--summer break ends in a few weeks!

It would be wonderful to have peace, no more child sex slaves, abuse, divorce...until then, we can work to make this world a little more homey, yeah?

Susan Barnes said...

I read a book about church history which was a brief overview. I was so disappointed when I got to the end of it because I realized that the world has never seen the church being what it was suppose to be. I sometimes think it would be a shame if the world ended before the world has seen the church being what it is suppose to be. Of course we could be waiting a very long time!

Nevertheless the "last days" started when Jesus left and we are probably living in the last of the "last days".

Greg said...

Harry coe,
Get yourself a copy of Living Apocalypse, which I hope might provide some direction.

Greg said...

The walk,
Thanks for you words.

Greg said...