Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Living Spiritual Rhythms - July 27

Our reading strategies for the biblical text, self, other, and nature should have a similarity. That is, not too objective, nor too subjective. These phenomena are not to be mere objects of analysis and study or simply personal subjects of possession and interest, but to be understood as related and distinct in tension. Falling into compartmentalized or collapsing approaches leads to a short circuiting of making necessary tensional connections that will enhance and deepen our spirituality. These sorts of connections will help us to recognize that there are new possibilities and fresh discoveries that pave the way for better readings, and thus for living truth and love out into the world.


Monday, July 25, 2016

Reflection for the Week - July 25

As readers of the Genesis creation accounts today we must realize that we are foreigners to the text and its ancient Near Eastern context, which strikes as strange and unfamiliar, yet we are not excluded from engaging with its God, time, narration, and drama in a somewhat recognizable pattern. Refigured lives therefore become a real possibility for those readers who are grafted into the revelatory story of God’s sculpting in time and the cosmic drama still in progress. This poetic and theologically-loaded biblical world production not only includes a narrative concordance that supersedes discordance with respect to time or changing portraits of the actual world, but it also proclaims that life triumphs over death and will continue to do so throughout God’s ongoing story. 


Interpreting Genesis 1-3 for today

In our book, From Evolution to Eden. Making Sense of Early Genesis, we wanted to play off the idea that stories are powerful tools that we use to interpret and understand God and the world. It is from this storytelling perspective that the early chapters of Genesis will find a home and a place from which they can still speak today. Our hope is that readers will benefit from this book and come away with a clearer perspective of how to better interpret the Genesis stories and the world, with integrity and humility. Order your copy here:


Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Musings – July 22

Belief in Theism and Christ is often represented as a pleasant stroll in the Park, but for me it’s more of a challenge charged with tension, where I find myself facing an adventure of both danger and safety.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday Thoughts – July 21

 As significant fresh work is done in various disciplines, including theology and science, evangelicals are going to have to realize that the Bible is not a book dropped from heaven that answers all our questions, nor is it an inerrant vehicle for a direct communication from God. I’d wager the real story is rather more complex and multi-layered than this. When the essential and challenging relevance of reading both the natural world and the biblical world informers is eventually accepted, evangelicals may begin to realize that their “whole notion of revelation” has to be exposed to new light with regard to what we can know and actually don’t know.    


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Living Spiritual Rhythms - July 20

Existential anxiety today drives a fear of losing self, meaning, and truth. Yet, the unwillingness to turn away from being one’s own authority increases. Generally, a hardness of heart and a lack of openness to the Divine prevail in much of the current mindset, as it becomes fixated on itself and thus gives up on the possibility of finding adequate responses to its fears. In contrast to that which drives our age, we desperately need to return to the God who is love, to truth that is sufficiently livable, to redemption in Christ, and to the power of the Spirit ― all of which can contribute to breaking the cycle of fear and lead us into being truer selves.


Monday, July 18, 2016

Reflection for the Week - July 18

The emerging God is the evolving God. His manifestations unfold in human understanding through time, marking territory along the way. This is highly noticeable in the biblical text, which can be referred to as an evolving story, where the Creator speaks, the Crucified and Risen One takes center stage, and then the Spirit signs us towards a destiny with God, which will someday be fully realized.